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A Series Of ‘Did You Know?’

Part 1


The other night, Kyle and I were going for a walk down memory lane in this business.  As happens… we found ourselves ‘Do you remember when…?’ 

We came to a conclusion that ‘someone should share how things have changed’. So we are. 

We’re going to do a series of items that have changed dramatically in our industry from our point of view.

This first article has to do with ‘online’ marketing and how it has changed things.

Kyle and I started as real estate agents in 1995.  At the time we started working with a brokerage that introduced us to the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) listing books.  However, the brokerage that we signed up with had two new PERSONAL computers!  One was on the receptionist/technician desk and one on in the conference room.

It was the birth of dialup online access to everyone’s listings!   We discovered that The Prescott Area Association Of Realtors had purchased mainframe computers and those were taking up one of the rooms at the Association Office.  Everyone in our brokerage office was so excited.  According to the receptionist/technician, she could enter the listing information along with four photos!!

WOW we have come a long way!

It’s now around 2002 and we are officers for The Prescott Area Association Of Realtors. Kyle is the President of the Prescott Area Association and I am on the MLS committee.

No more dial tone to access the internet.  Zillow and Realtor.com are in their infancy stages.  Realtor.com was tied in to The National Association Of Realtors and Zillow was paying associations for access to listing data.   Both were nothing more than a digital marketing venue.  Nothing more than an online real estate marketing magazine.

We were spoon feeding our coveted listing data to Zillow.

WOW we have come a long way!

Now you can’t count on two hands the number of avenues that shares your property data!  Don’t believe me?  Try Googling your address and see what happens.  Now look at the information feeding online on a home that is ‘currently listed for sale’.

And that’s the beauty and the benefit of the evolution of marketing.  Online marketing is everything.   As a client you no longer are at the mercy of the largest online or printed page firms.  If the brokerage that you hire has paid their dues and fees and are in good standing with their local, state and national association,  your ‘for sale’ listing will auto populate to ALL of the most popular marketing venues.   Advertising World Wide!  It doesn’t get any better than that!  (In future issues we will discuss the ‘do’s’ and ‘don’ts’ of World Wide Advertising.)

Pick a Brokerage that you TRUST!   Everything else is equal. 
(Don’t spread it around.  It’s suppose to be a secret.)

WOW we have come a long way!

Since I am sharing secrets, I will let you in on another.  This was told to us over 20 years ago from our first Broker.  “All of the real estate transactions occur because you have put your listing in the MLS.  All the rest is white noise.  Be a professional. Price the property correctly. Offer fair compensation to the cooperating brokerage and your listings will sell.” 

99% of the real estate transactions occur because of a cooperating agent or brokerage.

I would like to add, however, today ‘add good photos’.

WOW we have come a long way!?!?

Our marketing venues have changed dramatically but I think the advice given to us by our first broker still holds true.

If experience has value to you and you need a Comparative Market Analysis give us a call.

                                                Part 2

As we were discussing in the last newsletter, our marketing venues have changed dramatically.

To follow up on our last letter we wanted to discuss how the changes in technology have affected our contracts.

Currently we home office.  We have been for many many years.  We used to have an office at Realty Executives for many years.  Paying that office fee every month was a very difficult pill to swallow mainly because we were never there.   Real estate business does not happen behind a desk.  Never has. 

We were always out with buyers or visiting with sellers in their home, comparing their home to the one down the street.

Even twenty years ago we rarely sat down with our clients in our office to write a purchase contract or to write a listing agreement with a seller. 

Often writing a purchase contract with a buyer would happen in their apartment or rental home when they got home from work.  

Writing a listing agreement happened at the dining room table of the sellers’ home.  Or in the event of an absentee property owner, by way of a phone call, over night mail or the use of a fax machine.

We stepped into the world of real estate just as fax machines were gaining acceptance.  We still remember sending documents overnight with an overnight envelope enclosed.  (Hoping that everything was filled out correctly so that no changes and initials on the contract were required.)

Can you remember when the paper for the fax machine was a roll of paper??
It was quite obvious that we were not working with the original contract.  However, it was a big deal to the Designated Broker that the originals make it back in to the office and into the file for this transaction!!  An agent did not get paid without the originals in the Brokers file!!
Now we are so paperless that almost all of the Broker’s files are digital, stored on an external hard drive, a memory stick and/or on the cloud.

A brief comment on fax machines: They became so good that it was difficult to distinguish a faxed copy from the originals.  We then had to go to blue ink pens for original signatures.  (In the early days of the fax machine often blue ink would not fax well.)
In today’s market there is still a place for our fax machine.  There have been several instances that when we are working with an estate or an attorney for a trust all documents must be faxed.  (Almost impossible to hack a faxed transmission.)   So if that’s what is needed for you or your friend’s transaction, we will gladly pull off the dust cover to our fax machine.

Moving on to today’s way of doing business.   Almost everything can be handled by way of the phone that is in the palm of your hand.

We can’t tell you how many contracts we have written long distance.  A buyer on their way back to Phoenix calls to tell us they would like to make an offer on the last home that they looked at.  Even before they get back to the valley we have put together the offer and they are able to e-sign the document on their phones!!

A seller in New Jersey has received one of our postcards and wants to list their Prescott home or land.  In an hour we have a listing agreement sent to their email account for

Things sure have changed!!

One thing though. Real Estate transactions still do not happen from behind a desk or in an office.  It happens by way of meeting and talking to people.

“It’s still a people business.”

If experience has value to you and you need a Comparative Market Analysis give us a call.

What my clients are saying  

"Selling a house can be stressful. But with Steve Karstens, we felt like we had a hard-working, knowledgeable and trustworthy friend on our side, an expert to steer us along a sometimes bumpy road. From his initial presentation to the close of escrow, Steve was there to answer our many questions and explain the details of potential deals. Because we live out of town, we depended on Steve to take care of dozens of details at the property, and he did so conscientiously, efficiently and quickly. He also made sure we never felt out of the loop - through emails, texts and phone calls, he kept us updated on every showing and every offer. And once a serious offer came in, Steve was there to counsel us through the negotiations, although he always left the final decisions in our hands. I can't say enough good things about Steve!"


~ John S

Gwyneth and I cannot say enough wonderful things about Steve and Kyle Karstens as realtors, and now as friends. They are extremely conscientious, customer-focused and were attentive to all of our real estate needs. They sold our home in less time than we expected, at the price we asked for. Steve and Kyle made the whole closing process seamless. They were immediately responsive each time we contacted them, and anticipated our needs. They are truly the best realtors we have ever worked with. We would highly recommend them to anybody looking to sell or buy property.


~ Scott and Gwyneth

I would just like to thank Steve and Kyle for the outstanding service they provided me in selling my home in Prescott. The Karstens helped me find my first home in Prescott 12 years ago, and I have used them for myself and family for other real estate transactions and found them to be very knowledgeable about real estate and Prescott real estate specifically. Their followup and attention to detail was extremely helpful to me on this last move. I knew I could depend on them to take care of any issues that came up and they went above and beyond. They are an incredible team, and two of the nicest people you could have on your side whether buying or selling a home! And they truly do, work for you!


~ Vicki

Kyle & Steve were recommended to us by another local real estate agent and we could not have been more lucky. Kyle showed us over 35 homes in our price range, in several neighborhoods, so that we could get a feel for Prescott in general. She spent four week ends driving us around during our house hunting trips from California. We got to know the area thanks to her overwhelming patience with two people who did not really know what they wanted other than tall trees and a change of seasons. Thanks to Kyle's guidance we found the perfect home (in our price range) and in our preferred area. A big plus was also the knowledge that Steve has as a building contractor and steered us from homes needing a lot of help and additional investment. The Karstens have remained our close friends ever since. And we have referred other "would be" newcomers to them.


~ Marlene and Eric

We had only positive vibes from our work with the Karstens. Their suggestions were timely and helpful, resulting in good contacts and exposure. Our home sold in less than a month with their guidance! We highly recommend them for personal assistance and professionalism!


~ Pat and Dick

Steve and Kyle handled every little detail on the sale of our home. We had extenuating circumstances due to the residence being inhabited during the showings of the property. They were always available for questions and concerns and very patient during the selling process. They are so knowledgeable about all aspects of their field. We could not have asked for a better team to take us through the whole process of this sale. I would never have any other realtors.


~ Chad and Sara

Joyce and I are very grateful for the help provided for us by Steve and Kyle Karstens in the selling of our house in July, 2014. They went out of their way to make sure the house was ready and in the best possible shape to make it an attractive residence. They even helped us solve some problems, especially with the septic system, to take care of any problems we were having on the property. We think that we were greatly blessed in choosing them as our realtors and we cannot be too effusive in recommending them to others who wish to sell their property. They were extremely knowledgeable about the process we went through and we appreciate all they did for us. Robert


~ Robert and Joyce

Steve and Kyle's knowledge and expertise was stellar; We couldn't ask for anything more. They gained our trust with their honest guidance. Moving to Dewey from Flagstaff was a huge challenge which Steve and Kyle made so much easier and simplified. Their calm demeanor was a huge asset.


~ Anne

They both were warm, and personable. They know our community well. We experienced them as competent and effective. They stayed in touch throughout the process. They answered our questions and offered open houses. I would highly recommend them to anyone selling a home in the Prescott area.


~ Jim and Susan

Steve & Kyle are a unique team. Their decades of local experience will aid in smooth transactions. My experience goes back 15 years beginning with the purchase of income producing property. Several years later upon retiring and relocating.


~ Bob

Steve was amazing throughout our purchasing process. We were living in California. He kept us abreast of everything that was going on, and he also followed up with our realtor in California when necessary in order to expedite matters. Steve worked tirelessly to help us find the right home


~ Chard

Over the last 15 years I have used Steve and Kyle on 4 different occasions. It was a pleasure working with them on each transaction. I will continue to work with them exclusively in the future. They have become good friends.


~ Dion and Judy

Steve, You are too awesome for words... Thank you so very much. I can sleep well tonight., Have a restful night yourself. Bless you. Deb


~ Deb

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